ZenART VR brings the world to you. Whether it’s the most famous landmarks you’ve never dreamt of visiting or places of fiction you’ve always dreamt of going to, the power of virtual reality will take you there. Our state-of-the-art-technology raises the industry bar in realism, entertainment, interactivity and added value in countless forms.
Our Mission
Explore the many worlds of ZenART VR to marvel, relax, learn or play. When you can be a thousand miles away or a thousand years in the past with a simple click, why live in just one reality?

Ivan Nikolaev

Managing Director

Georgi Georgiev

Executive Producer

ZenART VR is proud of its veterans, seasoned in various projects over the past decades.

Tihomir Nyagolov

Founder and Creative Director

Milan Ribagin

Technical & Procedural Art

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