ZenART VR is a finalist in the Forbes Business Awards 2020
Feb 7, 2020

We’re thrilled to share that ZenART VR has been shortlisted for the Forbes Business Awards 2020. We have been nominated in the start-up category, out of 17 participants. More than 70 companies participated, coming from various industries such as IT, finance, education, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. We are humbled by the attention and thankful for the great honor of being among the finalists of this esteemed competition.

The Forbes Business Awards promote the entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility, and good business practices. Every year Forbes seeks out champions of free enterprise and draws public attention to their inspiring stories. The honorees receive recognition for their good work and the motivation to aim higher and reach new peaks in their industry. The successes and unique example shared by the competitors encourage and inspire others, including startups and young entrepreneurs, to strive for success, and do so responsibly.

For any company, being endorsed by one of the largest business media in the world can mean standing out from the competition. That’s why the Forbes Business Awards are one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools for young enterprises.

The competition is one of Forbes’ most important instruments for fulfilling its mission of encouraging people around the world to pursue their dreams, and we definitely plan to pursue ours. Being among the companies that get the opportunity to share their experience with the public, we hope to also encourage and inspire our peers. We are eager to learn from the stories of others as each perspective is unique and valuable.