We’re a finalist at the Fourth International VR Awards!
Jul 10, 2020

ZenART VR is proud to come on top in a competition of hundreds of companies and make the cut all the way to the finals of the Fourth International VR Awards.

Our Zen Universe is nominated for VR Experience of the Year and we’re not gonna lie – it feels great.

What is the VR Awards?

Well, if the name didn’t give it away already, this is a prestigious gauntlet comparing and recognizing outstanding Virtual Reality companies. The competition is run by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR). Here’s what the Awards are all about, in AIXR’s own words:

“The VR Awards is at the centre of recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in VR. Combined with year-round international initiatives, the VR Awards brings together a night of red carpet highlights, the celebration of excellence and unique access to the world’s most influential names in immersive technology.”

The 2020 ceremony will be the fourth edition of the VR Awards. It will be celebrating everything Virtual Reality, sporting a wide selection of categories ranging from artistry and innovation, all the way to hardware and marketing. This year’s category list looks like this:

  • VR Hardware of the Year
  • VR Game of the Year
  • VR Experience of the Year
  • VR Film of the Year
  • VR Marketing of the Year
  • Rising VR Company of the Year
  • Innovative VR Company of the Year
  • VR Social Impact Award
  • VR Enterprise Solution of the Year
  • VR Education and Training of the Year
  • VR Healthcare of the Year
  • Out-of-home VR Entertainment of the Year

This year we’re nominated in the VR Experience of the Year category, which is really fitting for Zen Universe.

What’s next?

The Forth International VR Awards is a huge organization and a process spanning many months. The nominations started back in March when hundreds of companies from all over the globe sent their products for review.
Now, all the way in June, the Finalists are officially announced and we have the honor to be one of the few companies deemed the best.
Next in line is the judging period, which will take several weeks to complete.
All of this builds up to the main event – Awards Night, scheduled for November 12!
For obvious reasons, this year’s edition of the show will be online-only, but this presets one unique and really cool new opportunity – the VR winners will be announced in actual Virtual Reality!

We have our fingers crossed. The competition is really tough, but we believe in Zen Universe and let’s admit it – another award will look really good in the office next to our Enterprise of the Year and Forbes Business Award trophies! 

Until the big night comes, visit the Zen Universe Steam page, keep up with us on social media and never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon!