Begone, bugs! (Progress update)
Jun 3, 2020

Hi again! Thanks a lot for continuing to submit your feedback, bug reports, and insightful suggestions in the few weeks since we’ve launched Zen Universe in Steam Early Access! We’ve been ticking things off the “to-do” list every day and we’re happy to provide another update log from the latest patch.

Read the Steam Announcement HERE!

As you’re about to see, it’s been a period of technical improvements and bug-squashing. We are hard at work developing some quite significant content updates as well, but we’ll be able to talk about them in a future update. Without further ado, here’s what this patch brings to the table:

New stuff

  • Subtitles are added to the legends within Tales of the Rocks!
  • We will add much more than just subtitles in the next few weeks.

Various improvements

  • The “Artemisian shot” achievement is slightly tweaked. It is still the most difficult one to get, so we challenge you to go get it!
  • The vases on Olympus are also slightly tweaked. There are multiple ways to reach Pandora’s Box.
  • Voice-over is now smoother than ever.


  • Fixed a bug with Hermes’ voice lines – he no longer interrupts himself!
  • Fixed a bug with the transition effect to the Tale of Pandora
  • Fixed a bug with Zeus’ final speech
  • Fixed a collision bug where braziers would hit invisible walls
  • Fixed a bug where hints keep playing even after the task is completed
  • Fixed a navigation bug – you will no longer fall off the cliffs of Olympus!

We appreciate you taking the time to write to us and we take your suggestions and reports very seriously. Please keep them coming to [email protected]

Thank you, you’re awesome!
The Zen Universe team