Thanks for the feedback! (Progress update)
May 22, 2020

Hey everyone! Since we launched last week your support has been overwhelming. Naturally, we took all your feedback and got to work immediately. In the past week we fixed some bugs and applied a lot of your suggestions to controls, movement, and the overall UX of Zen Universe. Here’s what we’s kept us busy:

New stuff

  • Shields made holdable with right hand (Olympus only – the Tales of the Rocks shield is modeled after real shield that’s left-hand only)
  • Removed the slow walking effect at the start of Olympus
  • Small changes to controller bindings
  • Attached loading screen to camera
  • Added additional voice lines

Various improvements

  • Added second check for broken nav mesh (Slide)
  • Added second Locomotion navmesh check
  • Improved Trial of Zeus
  • Improved spawning underground after the Tale of Pandora


  • Fixed startup flickering
  • Fixed bugs with achievements “Light my fire” and “Artemisian Shot”
  • The problematic spot on the stairs of Olympus is now walkable using slide/locomotion
  • Fixed several bugs in subtitles

We appreciate your feedback more than anything and take it very seriously. Please keep reaching out to us here, on social media, or on Steam. Together we can make Zen Universe the best it can be.

Thank you, you’re awesome!
The Zen Universe team