Huawei eco-Connect Europe and the future of 5G for VR
Nov 8, 2019

This blog post details the ZenART VR participation in the Huawei eco-Connect Europe event in Paris, France.

The big event

Huawei eco-Connect Europe is Chinese tech giant’s flagship event on the Old Continent. Its purpose is to establish and promote an open, innovative, and reliable ICT ecosystem that empowers the digital transformation of businesses and creates a fully connected digital Europe through Huawei’s network of partners. Since its inception in 2016, the conference has been hosted in Paris (2016), Berlin (2017), Rome (2018), and now comes back to the French capital.

The event took place between November 4th and 5th in the Palais des Congrès de Paris. The agenda spanned from keynotes and panels, to the DigitALL Night event, and topics included Manufacture, Smart City, Education, Healthcare and 5G, and others.

Our involvement

ZenART VR was a key participant in the discussion on 5G and its many use cases, especially in the field of Virtual Reality. Co-founder and Executive Producer Georgi Georgiev took to the stage with a presentation dubbed Ultrahigh quality VR partnering with Huawei’s 5G. Watch it here:

In his speech Georgi highlighted the unprecedented speed and reliability of 5G networks and their uses for VR. Among the many advantages, VR streaming will completely eliminate the need for purchasing bulky headsets and expensive PC configurations to enjoy a high-detail immersive experience. Additionally, cloud services and network stability will sensibly increase the usability, and by extension, popularity of VR for consumers all over Europe.

Next, Mr. Georgiev took his seat as one of the panelists at 5G Cloud X Task Design. Participants discussed the importance of 5G for the consumer experience and the future of Cloud X, as well as Huawei’s active collaboration with European partners and the use of Open lab as an approach to building the ecosystem in Europe.

Other speakers include Georgio Koppehele from Magic Horizon, Cortilia Lin from Fornique, and Vitaly Starodubov from Loudplay and Marco Janmaat from VRowl.

Why is this important?

The high numbers of 5G are really appealing. Figures like 99.999% reliability, 15% global mobile connections reach, and 350 Million headsets worldwide by 2025 sound amazing on paper, but users, investors, and tech enthusiasts alike can benefit from some hands-on proof of the true power of 5G, especially compared to the older 4G technology. That’s why the outstanding high-quality ZenART VR visuals were chosen as the perfect representation. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about an entire split-screen video?

This was another great event and we are very happy to be part of Huawei’s big plans for innovation and to continue exchanging ideas with awesome like-minded tech companies.

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